Me and my family lived in a house with a garden in Budapest. We always had many cats, but we did not have any dog for a long time. I could buy my first puppy when I started school. Its name was Bogár, a vizsla-spaniel mix. I took him to a dog school a lot. I parallel graduated as a dog trainer assistant and later on as a trainer. As Bogár got older we had to move home and it stayed with my grandparents. I missed it so much, that I started to take walking the neighbour’s beagle, called Falkavadász Arleen Marci. In 1985 I got my first beagle Batus-falvi Rézi from the owner of Marci in an adventurous way. She secured my love to the beagles.

Rézi was the love of my life. She was a fantastic dog. As a puppy she almost ruined our flat, so I learned the first lesson about beagles, "Never leave food or any similar objects in the way of them!". I trained her for IPO 1st grade, and as a hunting dog. Of course it took a lot of energy, but I did not mind, because I had plenty of time along the school.

She was a very successful dog at all areas. Rézi was the first International Champion and European Champion beagle from Hungary. We did a lot of hunting for wildboar, winning other work dog competitions as well. I got into the “Club of the Transylvanian Hound and other hound breeds”. Its name has been changed to Hungarian Hound Club, where I was the president for 5 years.

Unfortunately Rézi had only two litters with 2-2 male puppies. Both from Austrian males. The first in 1988. The beagle kennel Török-kuti was founded in this year. Both litters were very successful. Both two males from the first litter were International Champion. (Török-kuti Teddy és Tony). The tricolor member from the second litter moved to Germany, but the bicolour one stayed with me (Török-kuti Singer) signed itself into the history of beagles in Hungary. Singer was the most successful dog ever, International, Austrian and Hungaria Grand Champion, Bundessieger, BOB, BOG, European Champion, here the champion of breeds, BOG, Klub Winner of the Austrian Beagle Club, Veteran Club Winner, several times winner of scent hounds and truffle searching competitions.

I received a lot from these two dogs as professionally as humanly. I have made so many friendships because of them and they founded my loyalty for the breed.

 My further dogs were: Ch. Buttermere Clansman of Dialynne, Max. He was one of the dogs, who I had through my friends among the beagle owners. We bought this legendary male together with an Austrian lady called Claudia Pelzmann. Max was a wonderfully trained showman, he was a class by himself. Although he was not very young he graduated as a working scent dog and achieved an International Champion and Hungarian Champion title along with the existing English Champion title. Later on I purchased his son Dialynne Bryony at Kybo, Brian. Though he was not as successful as his father, but was at least as important for me, because his son is still alive and the current male of our kennel.

 After Rézi passed away another Austrian friend of mine Tatjana Schneider (Administrator of stood books at Austrian Beagle Club) helped to get a superb, similar bloodline male to mine. Lover von Staasdorfer Eck, Törpe was an International Champion, Austrian Champion, Hungarian Grand Champion. He was a very successful dog in the show ring and also in the work. We won many times advanced scent trials, special beagle competitions and wildboar huntings.

 I owe so much to Claudia, because I got the first serious female dog after Rézi. Chocolate Icecream von den Thurnmühle was also out of an English bloodline. She got not any outstanding results at shows, but with her charming character she found her place in the family. Unfortunately she had only one litter. From this, we kept one female called Török-kuti Nessie as shared property with József Engler.